Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Thank you very much for using the Visual Industry Promotion Organization (hereafter referred to as “VIPO”) website (hereafter referred to as said “Site”). Users shall use the said Site in accordance with the said Terms and Conditions. It shall be deemed that you have consented to the contents of the said Terms and Conditions by using the said Site.

Ⅰ.Object of Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions (hereafter referred to as “Terms”) shall be displayed on the said Site and shall stipulate the terms of usage of all contents, text, images, information obtained and other data and mail news (hereafter all shall be referred to as “All Published Information”) transmitted by VIPO.

Ⅱ. Intellectual Property Rights

  1. (Property Rights)
    Property Rights (refers to all rights such as copyrights, trademarks, etc., hereafter referred to as “Intellectual Property Rights”) are those of VIPO or the owner of the property displayed and is protected by the Intellectual Property Rights Law, etc.
  2. (Permissible Usage and Prohibited Usage)
    The user may use the said Site limited to the scope of the intended purpose of VIPO in accordance with the said Terms and relevant law, and can download and print out All Published Information. The user may not reproduce, sell, publish, distribute, add any changes, and, display the said Site or All Published Information without prior approval from VIPO. Furthermore, Infringement, removal or adding changes shall not be allowed for all Intellectual Property Rights of the said Site or those relevant to the indicated owner. Please make inquiries to VIPO by filling out the purpose of reproduction of the said Site or All Published Information.


Ⅲ.Obligation of User

  1. (Legal Compliance)
    Usage of the said Site and mail news will be compliant with the all the relevant laws and ordinance.
  2. (Inappropriate Contents and Acts)
    The said Site prohibits acts deemed to be illegal, inaccurate, cause of misunderstanding, illegal usage, infringement of another party’s rights, defamation of another party, indecent and other display of contents which cause unpleasant feelings.
  3. (Exemption)
    VIPO shall assume no responsibility for trouble or damages which occur when a user uses the website link of the said Site or All Published Information of the said Site. Please confirm the Terms and Conditions of each site on sites with links within the said Site.
  4. (Indemnity)
    The user shall not burden VIPO and its relevant organization, board members, employees and contractors for all troubles which occur due to the said Site usage, acts online, and contracts relevant to the third party using the said Site and shall cover the indemnity, as well as, cover the expenses of the lawsuit and other payments which occur. Bearing the indemnity shall include all expenses and damages, including the attorney’s expense.


Ⅳ. Links

  1. (Establishing Links)
    Links to the said Site as a general rule is free, however, please contact VIPO in advance. The link may be rejected in the case that the contents of the original site of the link are (a) Anything which is contrary to public order or morality, (b) Violates the law or laws and ordinance or is recognized that its contents might be illegal, and (c) May cause misunderstanding to another third party. In the case you would like to request a link, please contact VIPO’s inquiry by filling out the link page and URL, the contents of the original linked site and URL and the purpose of the link. Please set the link to the top page in principle, of the said Site (Japanese: https://www.vipo.or.jp English: https://www.vipo.or.jp/en/mission). Please contact VIPO’s inquiry in the case there is a special reason as to why you would like to have the link page other than the top page.
  2. (Expression at Time of Link Etc.)
    Please use expressions and descriptions that clearly indicate that it is a link to VIPO’s website at the time the link is set. Please note that we may ask for changes on the link methodology or request deletion of the link depending on the usage of the link and its page contents.
  3. (Logo)
    VIPO’s logo mark has been prepared to be used at the time of posting the link. Please contact (your address, usage, application, etc.) VIPO in advance regardless of individual or corporate uses of logo marks. In addition, please do not use the said logo for usage other than the link.


Ⅴ. Others

  1. (Handling of Personal Information)
    The user’s registration information and user information obtained by VIPO will be handled in accordance with the “Privacy Policy”.
  2. (Individual Agreement)
    We may ask for a separate individual agreement to gain the consent of the user other than the said Terms when using some parts of the said Site and mail news. A separate individual agreement other than the said Terms has been prepared and the individual agreement shall be prioritized when the contents of Terms and Conditions are different from the said Terms and individual agreement.
  3. (Resolution of Conflict)
    Negotiations in good faith and cooperative efforts shall take place to gain mutually satisfactory resolution, if any, conflicts arise between VIPO and the user regarding said Terms of the said Site and mail news. VIPO shall have no obligation regarding conflict between the user and the other third party. Conflicts which occur due to the said Site, mail, news and the said Terms shall apply exclusively to the Japanese law and shall be resolved by Japanese law only. The Tokyo District Court of Japan shall have exclusive jurisdiction for conflicts that occur between VIPO and the user regarding said Terms of the said Site and mail news. Legal procedures regarding the conflict shall have to be raised no later than within one year after the occurrence of the dispute.
  4. (Changes in the Terms and Conditions Etc.)
    The said Terms have been entirely agreed upon between both parties and replaces agreements and transmission contents aforementioned. VIPO may change the contents of the said Terms without prior notification. VIPO shall publicize the Terms and Conditions on the said Site after the change and update the revision date. It will be deemed that the user has consented to the Privacy Policy when the customer uses the said Site for the first time after the change has been publicized on the said Site.

    Enacted Nov. 11, 2015
    The Terms and Conditions is a translation from the original document which is in Japanese.