Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1.Basic Concept

The Visual Industry Promotion Organization (hereafter referred to as “VIPO”) collects information about people within the necessary range in order to smoothly operate the said VIPO website (hereafter referred to as “Site”) to provide services (providing information on website, mail news, inquiries including various requests of data etc.), application to events and seminars and questionnaires. The collected information will be handled appropriately within the respective scope of its purpose.

2.Scope of Information Collected

(1) Internet domain name, IP address and information, read on the said Site is collected under the format of an access log regarding the said Site.

(2) Regarding Cookie
There are some pages using Cookie on the pages provided on the said Site.
Cookies are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular user and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or the user’s computer. This allows the server to deliver a page tailored to a particular user’s browser, and so is able to carry information from one visit to the website (or related sites) to the next. Information to specify an individual user of the Cookie is not collected. The user can also disable the Cookie function which will not be a problem upon using the said Site.

(3) We request users to fill out their name, company/organization name, industry and mail address to apply for registration to access mail news service operated by VIPO.

(4) We request the user to fill out their name, mail address and inquiry contents in regards to using the ”inquiry” form of the said Site. Furthermore, registration of the company/organization name is not mandatory.

(5) We request for the user to fill out their name, company/organization name, company or organization address (including zip code) and telephone number upon using the “Membership Application Request Form” for VIPO members of the said Site. Users who would like to apply individually are requested to fill out their workplace and date of birth on a voluntary basis.

(6) The user name, company/organization name, company or organization address (including zip code) and telephone number, mail address, date of birth, age and other necessary materials for registration may be requested due to the nature of the matters such as event and seminar application and implementation of questionnaires.

(7) Employees of VIPO may collect personal information utilizing business cards directly obtained, disclosed lists or disclosed information on the internet relevant for activities by VIPO such as seminars, event information and providing information related to Japan contents.

3.Purpose of Utilization

  1. 2(1) and (2) are used solely for the purpose of improving usage in order to assess an accurate number of accesses and browser display function.
  2. Information filled out for the said Site in 2 (3) is to smoothly execute mail news transmission and will be used for reference data to create future mail news.
  3. Information filled out for the said Site in 2 (4), may be used as reference data for the operation of the said Site and VIPO. The mail address shall be used for the reply address.
  4. Information filled out for the said Site in 2 (5), may be used as reference data for the operation of the said Site and VIPO. Addresses and mail addresses shall be used as the address to send requested data.
  5. Information filled out for the said Site in 2 (7) shall be used when necessary to smoothly execute said events. Furthermore, it may be used as reference material in project management of future events, etc. In addition, it may be used to send notification of the next events to be held.
  6. Information obtained in 2 (7), shall be used to provide mail, etc. regarding seminars, event information and information related to Japan contents of activities by VIPO. Furthermore, notification will be sent regarding method of acquisition of information and purpose of usage when VIPO contacts the user for the first time.


4.Restriction on Use and Provision

When there is a disclosure request based on laws and ordinance, information collected shall not be used for individual purpose nor provided to a third party other than the 3 usage purposes, excluding reasons such as illegal access, illegal acts such as threats, etc., and any other specific reason. However, statistically processed access information about the said Site and information regarding user attributes etc., may be publicized.

5.Providing Personal Information to Third Party

Information collected shall not be provided to a third party other than for the below reasons:

  1. When prior consent has been received
  2. When handling of personal information is outsourced in order to achieve the purposes of usage
  3. When determined necessary in accordance with the law etc.
  4. When judged that response from the said Third Party is appropriate in regards to opinions and comments by the user.


6.Security Control Measures

Appropriate measures shall be taken for the safe keeping of collected information so as to prevent its leakage, loss or damage.

7.Notification, Disclosure, Correction, Discontinuance of the Utilization, Discontinuance of Provision to a Third Party etc. Regarding Purpose of Usage

  1. Please make inquiries regarding requests on notification regarding the purpose of usage of retained personal data※1 in accordance to the law, disclosure of retained personal data, correction, etc. (correction, addition, deletion), discontinuance of utilization etc. (discontinuance of utilization, elimination) or discontinuance of provision to a third party. Furthermore, we will provide an explanation when the request cannot be answered. In addition, personal information in which the purpose of usage has been achieved, may be deleted after a certain period of time has passed. Please note that in such a case that the request for disclosure, correction, etc., discontinuance of utilization, etc., and discontinuance of provision to a third party, etc. shall not be granted.
    ※1 Retained Personal Data
    Retained personal data is defined as personal information, searchable which is managed by VIPO which is planned to be used after 6 months of obtaining retainment, as well as, VIPO having authority to process requests for disclosure, correction, etc., discontinuance of utilization, etc., and discontinuance of provision to a third party etc. For example, retained personal data shall not apply to the following:

    • Personal information planned to be destroyed within 6 months of obtaining
    • Business cards and questionnaire sheets, etc., which have not been sorted
    • Request on notification of purpose of usage of retained personal data or disclosure of retained personal data
  2. Discontinuance of utilization regarding transmission of mail news is possible to be discontinued anytime when the registered user decides. In addition, changes and correction is possible by deleting old information and registering new information.



The aforementioned Privacy Policy may be changed by VIPO without prior notification. In the case changes have been made, VIPO shall publicize the Terms and Conditions on the said Site after the change and update the revision date. It will be deemed that the user has consented to the Privacy Policy when the customer uses the said Site for the first time after the change has been publicized on the said Site.
Enacted on Nov 11, 2015
Revised on Dec. 9, 2015
Revised on May 29, 2017
General Affairs Division Visual Industry Promotion Organization
This Privacy Policy is a translation from the original document which is in Japanese.