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For overseas companies and associations, VIPO offers:

  • Matching with the Japanese content industry
  • Hosting business matching events between foreign companies and Japanese content companies.
  • ・Connecting overseas events to Japanese content companies.
  • Introductions to content-related associations
  • ・Introducing industry organizations and educational institutes related to the Japanese content industry.
  • ・Introducing film commissions and incentives from each region to those who want to shoot in Japan.
  • Information on Japanese content
  • Providing overseas contact information for Japanese content.
  • ・Publishing news regarding Japanese content.
  • ・Providing information on content support policies by the Japanese government.
  • We recommend the following search engines for specific information regarding the above services.
  • JACC®* (Japan Content Catalog)
  • JACC® allows you to look up basic information about movies, TV programs, anime and characters, music, games, scripts, locations, and creators as well as copyright-related data and contact information for copyright holders.
    *JACC is a trademark of ITSC Co., Ltd. registered in Japan Patent Office.
  • Japan Creator Bank
  • Japan Creator Bank is a portal for international business partnership opportunities, allowing you to look up information about Japanese creators in multiple languages.

Business Area

VIPO supports the development of the content industry focusing on two foundations:
Market Development and Human Resource Development.

Market Development

Human Resource Development

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(Our corporate/supporting members include but are not limited to those represented by the logos above.)