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Market Development

Market Development

CoFesta (JAPAN International Contents Festival)

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Sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry


CoFesta (JAPAN International Contents Festival) is a project sponsored by METI that assists the optimization and international promotion of events related to the Japanese content industries (games, anime, manga, characters, broadcasting, music, and movies), as well as affiliated industries such as fashion, design, etc.

The aim is to broaden the Japanese content market by networking through events related to Japanese content, examining open innovation as the main axis of content, and supporting the dissemination of information both domestically and internationally.

Market Development

Core Archive Center Creation Model Project

Sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan

The Core Archive Center Creation Model Project aims to establish core centers serving to preserve and utilize cultural assets, such as non-film-based movie-related materials used in studios, that have historical and cultural value in Japan. It is aiming to create a network of related industries genres and promote shared use and management of the archived information.

Market Development

Festival Scope Project

In this project, a special VIPO page has been set up on Festival Scope Pro (, an online film viewing platform developed in Europe for industry professionals. This page will introduce Japanese films and creators’ works related to VIPO projects, in addition to the projects that we call for the entry. Our primary aim is to provide an opportunity for film festival programmers and other related professionals from overseas to view Japanese films, and to promote the selection of these films for film festivals.

We planned to update the page twice this year. The second update around the time of Berlin International Film Festival was made and opened with 21 new projects on 26th of the January, 2023.

In conjunction with these large-scale markets where many film festival programmers and buyers from around the world gather, we will provide an opportunity for you to discover a range of Japanese films and creators.

VIPO’s page under Festival Scope Pro’s Labels section, a section for agencies and organizations from various countries:

▶Director in Focus
-Shinya TAMADA
-Yoshihiro FUKUNAGA
-Minami GOTO
(Film viewing, etc. only available to Festival Scope Pro members)

What is Festival Scope Pro? ( This is a platform which aims to help festival programmers around the world for their programings by providing the latest films including full-length films. Agencies and film festivals from many countries introduce a variety of films on their web pages that they have set up.

●Agencies and festivals in participation: UniFrance, Telefilm Canada, German Films, European Film Promotion, eave, and more

●Major festivals and markets: Busan International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Tokyo FILMeX, HAF, Asian Project Market, and more.

Market Development

FY2022 Surveys and Research to Promote the Use of the Japan Location Database (In Collaboration With the JFC)

Sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan

1. Project Outline
This project uses the Japan Location Database (JL-DB) to consolidate and improves the searchability of location information accumulated and maintained by film commissions (FC) in regions throughout Japan. By doing so, we aim to promote filmmaking within Japan and encourage creative endeavors in Japanese cinema, as well as showcase attractive locations across the country.

2. Project Details
Following system upgrades we made in the previous fiscal year, including user interface changes and improvements to information published in the database, in the 2022 fiscal year we will primarily focus on developing and implementing functions for registered users (FCs across different regions).

Concurrently, along with examining and improving information published in the JL-DB about Japan’s filming locations and permits, we also aim to improve the domestic filmmaking environment. We will carry out training to strengthen the FC system, promote enhanced inter-regional cooperation and investigate the current state of FCs. In our research to make the database unique, engaging and easier to use, we will conduct the following activities (1) to (4).

Main Business Activities

(1) Research for and implementation of additional functions to the JL-DB system, as well as system operation and maintenance work and analytical surveys on utilization
・Review old functions and consider new functions to add to the system
・Work on adding these new functions
・Carry out system operation and maintenance work along with analytical surveys about the website

(2) Work related to surveys and other research to improve the data registered in the JL-DB
・Research and collect information on FCs to promote the use of the JL-DB.
・Collect the latest information relating to licensing procedures and how to share it

(3) Research and verification in order to strengthen the FC system to improve the filming environment
・Conduct training to strengthen the FC system.
・Promote the strengthening of inter-regional cooperation within the FC system.
・Conduct surveys on the current status of the FC system.

(4) Recommendations for strengthening the functionality of the JL-DB
・Report to the Agency for Cultural Affairs on the research stated above in (1) through (3) as needed.
・Present a proposal for strengthening the functionality of the JL-DB based on this research, after this has been discussed, conduct a test scheme and report the results to the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

For more information, please visit the JL-DB official website

Market Development

FY2022 Project on Piracy Control (Training Seminars)

Sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan

More copyrighted works are distributed internationally in our increasingly digital and networked world. Technological advancement has made it easier to reproduce works, meaning copyright infringing content is also distributed globally, resulting in severe damages to Japanese copyright holders. With this in mind, our project will aim to increase the effectiveness of piracy control in specific countries and promote the distribution of legitimate works. Specifically, the project will include hosting seminars for governmental organizations of specific countries and regions, as well as for Japanese companies and copyright holders, with topics to prevent infringement and promote the distribution of legitimate copies.

▼Project summary
Three seminars will be held in countries and regions in Southeast Asia where copyright infringement involving Japanese cultural content is significant, and an increase in consumption of Japanese cultural content is expected. The covered countries and regions will be Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore. Due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19, the seminars will be held online.

In preparation for the seminars, we will have legal experts collect information on copyright infringement in Southeast Asian countries. We will share issues among the participating countries in Southeast Asia, as well as those in Japan, raise awareness about the issues in each country, and ultimately help pursue national interest.

Market Development

Japan Ambassador

Japan Ambassador

We mainly provide research services targeting foreigners such as surveys related to the content industries as well as other types of questionnaires.

If you have any questions or would like to delete your registration,please use the form below.

We may take some time to reply to your inquiries, we kindly ask for your patience.
Thank you very much for your understanding.

Inquiry form

Market Development

VIPO Integrated Support System (VISS)

VIPO Integrated Support System, VISS supports Japanese content businesses in expanding their global business options. It provides:
1) a list of buyers 2) a list of global events 3) a list of multilingual support businesses 4) a list of merchandizing agents 5) a list of broadcasters 6) information on co-producing support system by country 7) information on government regulations on expression by country 8) contract templates related to Chinese content.

Market Development

JACC® (Japan Content Catalog)


Japan Content Catalog (JACC®) is a database project that allows searching details and contact information regarding a variety of content genres such as 1) Movies, 2) TV Programs, 3) Music, 4) Scripts, 5) Locations, 6) Creators, 7)Books. With this all-at-once database searching system called “JACC®Search”, simultaneous search for information across multiple databases dedicated to different genres is easy and convenient.

Because JACC® supports search in both Japanese and English, it connects the content holders in Japan and interested parties overseas. JACC®Search has combined seven types of databases.

JACC®* official website:

* JACC is a trademark of ITSC Co., Ltd. registered in Japan Patent Office.

Market Development

JAPACON (Publishing information about Japanese contents)

In order to achieve the three objectives stated below, JAPACON will use social media to accumulate and publish information about a variety of domestic content. We are also reaching out overseas to promote Japanese culture and cuisine as well as media content.


  1. Supporting the distribution of Japanese content overseas
  2. Promoting “Cool Japan” overseas
  3. Promoting quality content from every corner of Japan within international markets


Market Development

Japan Book Bank, a published content catalog website for overseas users


The Japan Book Bank aims to promote the overseas development of Japanese published content by matching Japanese books and other forms of content with related overseas companies.

Overview of Japan Book Bank
Japan Book Bank is a website that allows users to search for Japanese published content. It was created for overseas publishers interested in translating and publishing Japanese published content, as well as for video production companies and producers who wish to make video works.

This site provides a catalog of Japanese published content that is readily available to be used as original works for translation and publication or visualization overseas.

Not only does the website provide a search function for content and copyright information, but it also implements an inquiry function so that inquiries can be made directly via the website.

Things you can do on Japan Book Bank

(1) Online catalog of Japanese published content
You can search in Japanese or English for Japanese published content in a wide range of genres. These are classified as follows:
Literary Collections
Paperbacks/Pocket editions
Children’s books/Young Adult Fiction
Craft and Hobbies/Art/Cook Book
Business/Economics, etc.
(Total of 16 genres)

(2) Information on copyright permissions by language
The site lists the available languages. You can use this site before your business meeting to make your meeting more efficient. Copyright information can only be viewed by people who have registered their IDs.

(3) Direct contact with publishers
Only people who have registered their IDs are able to make inquiries.

(4) Integration with the Japan Content Catalog (JACC®)
The Japan Book Bank is integrated with the Japan Content Catalog (, a database search system for movies, TV programs, animation, characters, music, games, scripts, location information, creators, and more, so that you can search for information on Japanese books and other published content registered within the Japan Book Bank on JACC®.
The registered trademark “JACC” is used with the permission of ITSC.

Japan Book Bank official website:

Market Development

Japan Creator Bank


Japan Creator Bank is a website where you can access information about top Japanese creators in the entertainment industry. This website features Japanese creators seeking to expand their career into the global market. Japan Creator Bank allows you to search for and contact creators with jobs and opportunities – perfect for those looking to work with Japanese creators.

Japan Creator Bank official website:

In March 2021, we added a function for viewing screenwriters’ proposals. Original proposals for visualization are provided in Japanese and English, and users can view a simplified version of a proposal without registering as a member. Currently, more than 60 proposals from active screenwriters working on movies and TV series are registered. We will continue to increase the number of proposals posted regularly and plan to post proposals from directors, producers and other creators, in addition to those from screenwriters. If you are looking for a proposal for a video work, please use this site.

Additionally, Japan Creator Bank is one of the databases within the Japan Content Catalog (JACC®), in which you can search for details of work done by the creators registered within the Japan Creator Bank.

※This website is run by the non-profit organization, Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO). ※The registered trademark symbol “JACC®” is used with the consent of ITSC Co., Ltd.

Overseas Seminars and Events

VIPO promotes overseas businesses of content industry through market development seminars or business matching events by using our rich experiences and databases.


“Matching Forum (China)”

Chinese and Japanese content companies operating in China held presentations and panel discussions, and introduced the latest trends in China. Business cards were exchanged at the forum as well. It encouraged the promotion of Japanese content business in China.

"Matching Forum (China)"

“Localization Enterprise Business Matching”

Presentations and individual consultation meetings were held by localization companies with extensive overseas experience in the entertainment industry. Many Japanese content companies participated and business talks were actively held.

"Localization Enterprise Business Matching"

“Overseas Agent Business Matching Event”

Presentations and individual consultation meetings were held by overseas agents working with intellectual property. Many Japanese content companies participated, resulting in a meaningful business matching event.

"Overseas Agent Business Matching Event"