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Market Development

Market Development

CoFesta (JAPAN International Contents Festival)

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Sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry


CoFesta (JAPAN International Contents Festival) is a project sponsored by METI that assists the optimization and international promotion of events related to the Japanese content industries (games, anime, manga, characters, broadcasting, music, and movies), as well as affiliated industries such as fashion, design, etc.

The aim is to broaden the Japanese content market by networking through events related to Japanese content, examining open innovation as the main axis of content, and supporting the dissemination of information both domestically and internationally.

Market Development

Core Archive Center Creation Model Project

Sponsored by Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan

The Core Archive Center Creation Model Project aims to establish core centers serving to preserve and utilize cultural assets, such as non-film-based movie-related materials used in studios, that have historical and cultural value in Japan. It is aiming to create a network of related industries genres and promote shared use and management of the archived information.

Market Development

FY2019 Japan Location Database Promotion Activities (in collaboration with the Japan Film Commission)

Sponsored by Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan

In this database information that is accumulated and held by film commissions throughout the country is gathered in one location on the Internet and made accessible to both people in Japan and those from overseas. The purpose of which is to inform people of attractive filming locations in Japan, promote filming in Japan, and invigorate the Japanese film industry.

Business details
In order to promote the usage of the “Japan Location Database” (, which was built by the Agency for Cultural Affairs to centrally manage and distribute the information retained by film commissions throughout the country, the following five activities will be implemented.
(1) Activities promoting the registration of, and dissemination of knowledge to, each film commission to enrich registration data.
• Hold hearings regarding the latest location information, filming/shooting information, and more (e.g., filming locations, determinants, difficulties regarding a particular location, advice to registrants, etc.)
• Provide explanations on information registration points from the secretariat after receiving the results of hearings.
• Collect information from each registrant.
• Provide public information on the results of previous filming sessions, introduce examples of joint promotions, etc.
(2) Improve environments and strengthen systems related to location promotion activities in each film commission.
• Hold workshops on location promotion activities with each film commission.
• Collect information and coordinate with each film commission with regard to support for accepting filming requests, improving filming environments, etc.
• Create manuals for each film commission regarding location promotion activities.
(3) Collect information on the activities of each film commission and provide that information in the database.
• In order to disseminate information regarding the activities of each film commission, related organizations, etc., collect information on said activities and provide that information in the database.
(4) Review old functions and examine new functionality to promote the usage of the database.
• Link together with the dissemination of information through official movie websites, social media pages, etc.
Information regarding a location, which is the initial information provided in the database, is accompanied by a number of conditions, and as a general rule, emphasis is placed on locations where filming is possible. However, in order to provide more detailed information, we will examine specific measures to take regarding cooperation with external sites run by third parties, proposing new functionalities and identifying issues and solutions after clearing considerations related to information provision, such as the handling of rights.
(5) Create proposals, etc., for effective ways to disseminate useful information from the database.
• In order to disseminate useful location information in the future, we will propose functional improvements, such as system requirements, from the perspective of both users and registrants.

Market Development

Japan Ambassador

Japan Ambassador

We mainly provide research services targeting foreigners such as surveys related to the content industries as well as other types of questionnaires.

If you have any questions or would like to delete your registration,please use the form below.

We may take some time to reply to your inquiries, we kindly ask for your patience.
Thank you very much for your understanding.

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Market Development


Sponsored by Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan

The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan organizes participation in various overseas media arts festivals etc. The aim is to introduce outstanding works in such fields as media art, video, the websites, videogames, animation and comics. Exhibitions, screenings, presentations and so on are arranged at overseas media arts festivals and other facilities with their focus on award-winning works from the Japan Media Arts Festival.

Works Presented Abroad

The project for participation in overseas media arts festivals commenced in 2009, and was implemented at 83 festivals and media arts-related facilities and institutions in 31 countries around the globe up through 2017. Japan Media Arts Festival overseas exhibitions were also held at 14 festivals in 14 countries throughout 2018.

Japan Media Arts Festival

The Japan Media Arts Festival is a comprehensive festival of Media Arts (Media Geijutsu in Japanese) that honors outstanding works from a diverse range of media – from animation and comics to media art and games. The festival gives awards in each of its four divisions: Art, Entertainment, Animation, and Manga. It also provides a platform for appreciation of the award-winning and other notable works. Since its inception in 1997, the festival has recognized significant works of high artistry and creativity, and in addition to a yearly Exhibition of Award-Winning Works, has held other events, such as symposiums, screenings, and showcases.

The 22nd Festival received 4,384 entries from 102 countries and regions around the world, demonstrating continuing evolution as an established annual international festival. Award-Winning Works are exhibited both within Japan and abroad through various projects and events organized by The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan which aims to develop and promote the creation of Media Arts by focusing primarily on the new generation of artists. The festival aims to look further into the next generation.

Organizer: Japan Media Arts Festival Executive Committee

Market Development

J-LOD (Japan content LOcalization and Distribution) Subsidy

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Sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry


The purpose of this project is to make use of the J-LOD subsidy (approx. 3 billion yen), based on METI’s budget for FY2018, and via the following guidelines:
1) Support businesses carrying out localization and promotion when expanding content, etc., overseas,
2) Support businesses producing prototype videos, etc., as plans and development for content with the aim of overseas expansion,
3) Support businesses developing highly advanced content, etc., using digital technology,
promote the overseas expansion of Japanese content, magnify that overseas expansion within related industries through the creation of a Japan boom, and promote foreign tourism into Japan, all with the goal of creating a sustainable ecosystem for the content industry. Adhering to 1), 2), and 3), the purpose of this subsidy is to provide a portion of the required expenses, reducing the monetary burden of a project.

1) Support businesses carrying out localization and promotion when expanding content, etc., overseas.
The application period began on February 18, 2019. Businesses focusing on content or carrying out the localization and promotion of content may make effective use of this with regard to overseas expansion.

2) Support businesses producing prototype videos, etc., as plans and development for content with the aim of overseas expansion.
The application period began on March 15, 2019. Businesses creating prototype videos, etc., as plans and development for content with the aim of overseas expansion.

3) Support businesses developing highly advanced content, etc., using digital technology.

< 1 > Subsidies for the creation of highly advanced content using digital technology that will be spread throughout the world (application period began on April 10, 2019).
To reduce the monetary burden on companies and organizations creating highly advanced content using digital technology that will be made public and spread throughout the world, we will subsidize a portion of the expenses required for them to carry out a particular project.
< 2 > -1 Support for the development and demonstration of content distribution systems using blockchain technology (application period began on April 18, 2019).
To reduce the monetary burden on companies and organizations developing content distribution systems using blockchain technology, we will subsidize a portion of the expenses required for them to carry out a particular project.
< 2 > -2 Support for the development and demonstration of systems that contribute to productivity improvements related to content creation (application period began April 23, 2019).
To reduce the monetary burden on companies and organizations developing systems that improve productivity and efficiency related to content creation using digital technology, we will subsidize a portion of the expenses required for them to carry out a particular project.

Market Development

Pilot Project on Location Incentive for International Audiovisual Productions

Sponsored by the Cabinet Office

Purpose of Business
Rebate to cover a portion of the cost of production and location for international films, TV, etc., in Japan.

Based on discussions held at the Public-Private Liaison Conference on Environmental Improvement of Filming Location, this project aims to demonstrate the actual effect of incentives for attracting large-scale overseas TV and film shot on location in Japan.  It is a pilot project by the Cabinet Office with the purpose of attracting international productions to film in Japan and creating success case examples, as well as quantitatively and qualitatively grasping the resulting effects on regional economic promotion.

Market Development

Reiwa Era, Project to Improve the Environment for the Development of New Content (Content-Related Business Matching Project)

Sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry


This project is designed to cultivate new global markets for Japanese animation, manga, movies, music, and other content, so that these will continue to grow and develop. By promoting open innovation within the content industry, we hope to promote growth in this industry and extend this growth to other related industries as well. By providing opportunities for Japanese animation, manga, movies, music, and other content produced using advanced technologies, we will promote partnerships with international businesses and help the Japanese content industry advance into new global markets.

Business Matching at Annecy International Animation Festival
Title: Emerging opportunities for international co-production with Japanese animation
Date: 1:45 PM- 3:15 PM on Wednesday, June 13th, 2018.
Venue: Imperial Palace, Annecy, France

Summary: We invited Manga Entertainment Ltd. COO Mr. Jerome Mazandarani, who was involved in the DVD licensing and distribution of NARUTO, DIGIMON, Ghost in the Shell, and other Japanese animation, and who has co-produced projects with many artists and directors, as well as with Japanese animation studios. He provided some international animation co-production case studies. As an expert on Japanese, French, and Canadian businesses, Akira Yamaguchi from SUN BRIDGE Inc. showed us the problems and tasks involved in international co-production.
Participants: Panelists
 Jerome Mazandarani, COO of Manga Entertainment Ltd.
 Akira Yamaguchi, owner of SUN BRIDGE Inc. /Japan representative of CITIA,
  Tadashi Sudo, animation journalist

Japanese Booth at Kidscreen Summit 2019
Date: Monday, February 11th – Thursday, February 14th, 2019
Venue: Intercontinental Miami, Miami U.S.A.
Summary: Japan Booth exhibited for the first time at Kidscreen Summit 2019, which is the biggest kids entertainment industry market in North America. Six animation production companies participated in the event, which provided many business opportunities for expansion into new markets overseas. Aside from business meetings with potential partners, participant companies were provided many opportunities to meet with broadcasters and streaming platforms that are usually difficult to reach. During a session called “30 Minutes with…” they could listen to representatives of major buyers talk about their companies’ plans the future, while in “Speed pitching,” they were able to meet and give their one-on-one business pitch to a potential buyer. There were panel discussions, the Kidscreen Award ceremony, an opening party, and other networking opportunities to gain knowledge on the North American and other markets.

Japanese Booth
Networking at Lunch Time

Business Matching at ChinaJoy in Shanghai
Date: Friday, August 2nd, 2019
Venue: Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel (淳大万麗酒店) (Shanghai, China)
Summary: In the business matching event at ChinaJoy we collaborated with China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association Game Publishing Committee, and we organized the keynote lecture and the panel discussion. Tencent Games and NetEase Games were among the 200 Chinese companies that joined the event. Over 30 companies from Japan participated in the event, such as publishing companies, TV stations, animation production houses, and game developers. The event was a success and the number of Chinese companies that participated exceeded our expectations. It definitely demonstrated the popularity of Japanese IP (intellectual property).

Keynote Lecture & Panel Discussion

“Introducing VIPO and Japanese game market trends”
Mika Morishita, executive manager of NPO Visual Industry Promotion Organization, VIPO
“The importance of a scenario in smartphone games”
Kazuki Yamanobe, director of Japan Game Scenario Writers Association
“Techniques for entering the global market”
Huang Xiaoyu, vice president of 37Games
“An overview of VTubers (Virtual YouTubers) market and an introduction to BitStar”
Masaki Hayashi, manager at VTuber division, BitStar Inc.
Panel Discussion
“What’s the next business model for China and Japan now that all the well-known IPs have been bought up?”
Kazuki Yamanobe, director of Japan Game Scenario Writers Association
Noriko Ishimoto, Managing Director of Character Brand Licensing Association
Yuan Yu, vice president of CMGE
Zhang Weiwei, global marketing general manager of Shengqu Games
Zhang Ning, director of China Indie Game Alliance

・Presentations by 19 Japanese companies
・Business Matching with 24 Chinese companies

Business Matching at Rotterdam Lab, International Film Festival Rotterdam
Title: Rotterdam Lab (film producer training lab)
Date: Saturday, January 26th – Wednesday, January 30th, 2019
Venue: DE DOELEN, Rotterdam, Holland
Objective: At the International Film Festival Rotterdam, one of the longest-running international film festivals, we participated in the Rotterdam Lab, a business matching event held as part of the global co-production market CineMart. The event gave Japanese filmmakers the opportunity to pitch their ideas to the international film industry and to find the right connections with potential co-production partners.
Summary: VIPO was activelty participating in Rotterdam Lab and CineMart. With cooperation from CineMart, we sent out young Japanese producers seeking to enter co-production and help them to meet potential partners.
Programs: Lectures included topics such as “pitching,” “strategies for an international film festivals,” and “producing.” There were Round Table Lecture: “Feedback on Pitches,” “Financing,” “Production,” “Promotion,” “Training,” “Film Criticism,” “Distribution,” “Sales,” and “Consulting.” There were also workshops and case studies on international co-production.

Market Development

VIPO Integrated Support System (VISS)

VIPO Integrated Support System, VISS supports Japanese content businesses in expanding their global business options. It provides:
1) a list of buyers 2) a list of global events 3) a list of multilingual support businesses 4) a list of merchandizing agents 5) a list of broadcasters 6) information on co-producing support system by country 7) information on government regulations on expression by country
We are planning to update these lists and utilize VISS in the business matching projects run by VIPO in 2020.

Market Development

JACC® (Japan Content Catalog)


Japan Content Catalog (JACC®) is a database project that allows searching details and contact information regarding a variety of content genres such as 1) Movies, 2) TV Programs, 3) Anime and Characters, 4) Music, 5) Games, 6) Scripts, 7) Locations, 8) Creators. With this all-at-once database searching system called “JACC®Search”, simultaneous search for information across multiple databases dedicated to different genres is easy and convenient.

Because JACC® supports search in both Japanese and English, it connects the content holders in Japan and interested parties overseas. JACC®Search has combined eight types of databases. As of October 1st, 2019, there are over 96,000 records in English related to different types of content. Given the expanding market in China, we are planning on translating some information to Chinese in 2019.

JACC®* official website:

* JACC is a trademark of ITSC Co., Ltd. registered in Japan Patent Office.

Market Development

JAPACON (Publishing information about Japanese contents)

In order to achieve the three objectives stated below, JAPACON will use social media to accumulate and publish information about a variety of domestic content. We are also reaching out overseas to promote Japanese culture and cuisine as well as media content.


  1. Supporting the distribution of Japanese content overseas
  2. Promoting “Cool Japan” overseas
  3. Promoting quality content from every corner of Japan within international markets


Market Development

Japan Creator Bank


Japan Creator Bank is a website where you can access information about top Japanese creators in the entertainment industry. This website features Japanese creators seeking to expand their career into the global market.

Japan Creator Bank allows you to search for and contact creators with jobs and opportunities – perfect for those looking to work with Japanese creators.

Additionally, Japan Creator Bank is one of the databases within the Japan Content Catalog (JACC®),in which you can search for details of work done by the creators registered within the Japan Creator Bank.

※This website is run by the non-profit organization, Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO). ※The registered trademark symbol “JACC®” is used with the consent of ITSC L

Japan Creator Bank official website:

Overseas Seminars and Events

VIPO promotes overseas businesses of content industry through market development seminars or business matching events by using our rich experiences and databases.


“Matching Forum (China)”

Chinese and Japanese content companies operating in China held presentations and panel discussions, and introduced the latest trends in China. Business cards were exchanged at the forum as well. It encouraged the promotion of Japanese content business in China.

"Matching Forum (China)"

“Localization Enterprise Business Matching”

Presentations and individual consultation meetings were held by localization companies with extensive overseas experience in the entertainment industry. Many Japanese content companies participated and business talks were actively held.

"Localization Enterprise Business Matching"

“Overseas Agent Business Matching Event”

Presentations and individual consultation meetings were held by overseas agents working with intellectual property. Many Japanese content companies participated, resulting in a meaningful business matching event.

"Overseas Agent Business Matching Event"