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Past Projects

Market Development

Regional Revitalization Project Using Advanced Content Technology

Sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry


This project brings:

i. Financial sponsorship for content creation

This project sponsors part of the expenses for content creation projects that invest in regional revitalization and

meet the following conditions:

Content creation companies and regional business operators form a consortium.

Use of advanced content creation and expression technologies such as VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), drones, AI, etc.

Promote regional attractions, such as regional products, services, tourist attractions, and sports.

ii. The best use of advanced content technology

For the furtherance of the content industry and regional revitalization, this project combines the best uses of advanced content technology, with the promotion and optimization of content creation.

Market Development

Pilot Project on Location Incentive for International Audiovisual Productions

Sponsored by the Cabinet Office

Purpose of Business
Rebate to cover a portion of the cost of production and location for international films, TV, etc., in Japan.

Based on discussions held at the Public-Private Liaison Conference on Environmental Improvement of Filming Location, this project aims to demonstrate the actual effect of incentives for attracting large-scale overseas TV and film shot on location in Japan.  It is a pilot project by the Cabinet Office with the purpose of attracting international productions to film in Japan and creating success case examples, as well as quantitatively and qualitatively grasping the resulting effects on regional economic promotion.