Join JAPAN Ambassador/アンバサダー募集

Join JAPAN Ambassador/アンバサダー募集

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Join JAPAN Ambassador

Do you like Japanese culture, and have a desire to share its appeal with others? We are currently recruiting foreign nationals to assist us in cultural exchange activities as part of “JAPAN Ambassador.”
Those who register will take part in activities relating to Japanese culture (including anime, manga, games, TV drama, music, movies, comedy, cuisine, sight-seeing, etc.) through four main fields:[Promotion], [Experience], [Research], and [Language].

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For instance

Experience & Promotion Language & Promotion Research
Visit a sightseeing spot, experience it, and express your impressions through SNS. Participate in a Japanese culture event; act as a guide and explain the ropes to foreign nationals attending. Participate in a group interview; share and examine your opinions regarding overseas expansion of Japanese culture.
  • Depending on each case, transportation and remuneration may be provided.
  • We will contact you each time with details on remuneration, location, and time.


If you register as a JAPAN Ambassador…

  • You will have the chance to more deeply appreciate Japanese culture
  • You will meet other like-minded ambassadors wishing to promote Japanese culture, as well as take part in cultural exchange events
  • Registration is free.



  • You must have foreign citizenship. You may register regardless of occupation and place of residence (in Japan or overseas).
  • You like Japanese culture and wish to promote its appeal.


Managing Company

Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO)
A non-profit organization VIPO undertakes various operations, with human resources and market development in mind, to support industries specializing in Japanese content. It also operates under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Agency of Cultural Affairs.

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日本文化が好きで、その魅力を広めたいという熱意を持ち、交流や発信活動のために働いていただける外国人”ジャパンアンバサダー” を募集しています。



Experience & Promotion Language & Promotion Research
TOKOROZAWA TRAVEL GUIDE とことこさんぽ ツーリズムEXPOジャパン 2016 VIPOアカデミー グローバルビジネスコース
所沢市の外国語版ガイドマップ作成のため、アンバサダーが現地での取材、写真撮影に協力しました。 16か国28名のアンバサダーが外国人向けのSNSによる事前プロモーション協力と、海外バイヤー向けの外国語ガイドとしてイベント支援を実施しました。 それぞれの国や地域の意見をヒアリングしながらビジネスプランを練り、プレゼンテーションを作成するプロジェクトにアンバサダーがアドバイザーとして参加しました。
  • 場合に応じて交通費・報酬等の提供もございます。
  • 活動場所、時間、報酬の有無等については都度ご相談させていただきます。



  • 日本文化に関する見識を深めるチャンス!
  • 日本文化振興のためのアンバサダー同士の交流会等イベントにもご参加いただけます!


  • 外国籍をお持ちの方(職業・日本在住/海外在住問わず)
  • 日本文化が好きで、その魅力を伝えたいという情熱のある方


    NPO法人 映像産業振興機構 (VIPO)



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