VIPO aims to increase the international competitiveness of Japan’s content industry (including films, broadcasting, animation, games and music), which will in turn contribute to the revitalization of Japan’s economy.

The content industry is one field of industry that is likely to economically support Japan’ s future growth, and it is also a pillar of our country’ s cultural diplomacy. The extensive ripple effects of the content industry are, however, not confined to just economics–their influence on society and various other aspects of Japan is not something to be ignored.
In the United States, Europe, Asia and in various countries of the world, their governments provide strong support to improve the international competitiveness of their content industry. In Japan, too, various measures and policies have been implemented in both the public and private sector which prioritize the overseas development and human resources development in the content industry.

What must be remembered here, though, is the actual production of creative visual culture, and the improvement of an unrestrictive environment that enables this. Systems for promotion must never impede the freedom of creation.

At VIPO, we are committed to conducting promotion activities from a long-term perspective which promote the freedom of creativity, by organically combining national and local government policies and measures together with the cooperation from related companies, organizations and professional associations, and with the following two core activities:

  • Domestic and international market development
  • Human resources development (international producers, etc.)

As a neutral organization, VIPO will work on culture industry strategies for a visual industry that wholeheartedly embraces the qualities described above. We will continue to serve the visual content industry, and work for growth of the industry along with your visions for the future.